Display and Touch Design

VIEWE provides high reliability solutions, sunlight readable solutions, eye protection display solutions and other screen component customized display solutions.

  1. High Reliability Solution: High reliability of the product is achieved through strict raw material selection and production process, and then through burn-in/Aging, Bathtub curve and MTBF:(Mean Time Between Failure) to measure product reliability.

     First, prepare raw materials, including liquid crystal, glass substrate, conductive film, photoresist film, frame glue, etc. Liquid crystal is the most important part of the display. The manufacturing process requires controlling the temperature and humidity of the liquid crystal material; the glass substrate is the support material of the liquid crystal display. ; Conductive film and photoresist film are used to form display images.

Display and Touch Design

The manufacturing process requires controlling the temperature and humidity of materials, ambient light, production equipment, and testing steps according to different links. The following are several tests and standards to measure the high reliability of products.

Aging tests include light aging, moist heat aging, and hot air aging. Through these tests, product service life can be predicted and product stability/reliability can be improved.

The bathtub curve is divided into Infant Mortality, Random Failures, and Wear out. Through testing at these stages, product problems can be exposed in advance and tested in the factory. Intercept to ensure the quality of product shipments.

MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures is an indicator to measure the reliability of a product, the unit is hours. It reflects the ability of a product to maintain functionality within a specified period of time. Specifically, it refers to the average time between two consecutive failures. It is usually expressed as the ratio of the total usage time of the product to the number of failures.

Display and Touch Design

In general, the LCD panel production process is a complex and delicate process that requires the combination and coordination of multiple steps. The accuracy and quality control of this process directly affect the quality and performance of the final product.

  1. Sunlight Readable Solution: Improve visibility under sunlight through AR/AG technology, optical binding technology, and high-brightness display.

AR/AG technology reduces the surface reflectivity of the protective lens or touch screen and solves the strong light reflection between the cover glass and the air layer. Through surface AR and AG technology processing, the surface reflectivity can be reduced from 4% to 0.5%.

AR(Anti-reflective) Technology: By coating one or more layers of anti-reflection coating on the outer surface of the glass, the reflected light on the glass surface can be reduced.

AG (Anti- Glare) Technology: 1. Anti-Glare treatment is performed on the glass surface to diffuse reflected light. Its characteristic is that the original glass reflective surface becomes a matte diffuse reflective surface, making it have a lower reflectance compared with ordinary glass. The reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%, using technology to create clear and transparent visual effects, allowing viewers to experience better sensory vision. 2. AG anti-glare film: The industry term for AG anti-glare film is called polarizer surface treatment, which is a type of polarizer surface treatment. By processing the surface of the polarizer with fine irregularities, it prevents light from entering the eyes directly, thereby effectively reducing glare and reflection and improving the display effect of the LCD (liquid crystal display).

Optical binding technology reduces the reflection between the air and the cover layer, and the air and the screen touch layer. Without air, the screen looks more transparent, and the screen does not allow dust or moisture to enter, reducing reflection and light loss.

Display and Touch Design
Display and Touch Design
Display and Touch Design

High-brightness displays increase the white field brightness of the screen.

Improve the brightness of backlight from materials and technology;

Plus optical film: brightening polarizer;

Adopt high light transmittance LCD panel;

It adopts ambient light detection and dynamic backlight control functions, and cooperates with the host system to adjust the backlight brightness to achieve high brightness under strong light and normal brightness under low light, ensuring a dynamic balance between visibility and power consumption under strong light;

Using ambient light detection and system contrast adjustment functions, the effective contrast is changed by dynamically adjusting image data

  1. Eye-protection Solution: It is divided into software anti-blue light and hardware anti-blue light (blue light peak red shift technology, display panel devices, chips and optical technology, TUV Rheinland eye protection certification). VIEWECARE display application hardware + software eye protection innovative technology has passed TUV Rheinland eye protection certification.

Software anti-blue light:Through a specific software algorithm, the blue light content in the RGB three-color channels of the display is limited, reducing user exposure to blue light generated by the display device.

Hardware anti-blue light: VIEWECARE eye protection display

Blue light peak red shift technology: controls harmful blue light damage without affecting the display effect;

VIEWE’s innovative display panel devices, chips and optical technologies can eliminate up to 80% of harmful blue light;

Combined with the internationally advanced TUV Rheinland eye protection certification, we strive to make the anti-blue light solution digital, standardized and scientific.

Display and Touch Design

4.Customization of other screen components:

  1. Size, interface, thickness, brightness, etc. can all be customized.

VIEWE welcomes partners to jointly develop new technologies and customize TFT panels.

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