LCD display classification

LCD Type: TFT or Monochrome

LCD displays can be classified based on their operating principles, applications, and manufacturing processes. Here are some common classifications:

Based on Operating Principles:

TN (Twisted Nematic) Displays: In TN displays, liquid crystal molecules align along the axis under the influence of an electric field. These displays are suitable for most portable devices and computer monitors.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Displays: IPS displays improve viewing angles and color reproduction by moving liquid crystal molecules laterally. They are commonly used in high-end monitors and smartphone screens.

lcd display

Based on Applications:

TV LCD Screens: These often use larger LCD panels and offer high resolution and excellent color reproduction.

Mobile LCD Screens: Typically smaller and integrate touch functionality to cater to the needs of mobile devices.

Automotive LCD Screens: Designed to be more durable and suitable for the automotive environment.

Based on Manufacturing Processes:

LED Backlit LCD Screens: These screens use LEDs as the backlight source, providing wider color gamut and improved contrast.

OLED Screens: Each pixel in OLED displays is an individual light-emitting diode, offering higher contrast and color reproduction. They are commonly used in high-end display devices and smartphone screens.

These are some common classifications of LCD displays. Different types of LCD displays are suitable for various applications and requirements.

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