Won an award! Dingzhi Award for Smart Home Innovative Product of the Year!

In December 2023, the “2023 Smart Home Market Innovation Conference and Industry Year-end Ceremony” with the theme of “Traveling Through Cycles·Gathering Trends to Breakthrough” was held in Hangzhou, bringing together many industry elites to discuss the development status and trends of the smart home industry in an all-round and multi-faceted manner. Explore the new ecology of smart home industry development from a different perspective.

VIEWE was invited to participate in the conference, and VIEWE’s extremely smart screen series products won the “Dingzhi Award·2023 Smart Home Innovation Product” award. VIEWE’s inclusion on the list is not only a high recognition of Super screen products, but also reflects VIEWE’s industry influence in the fields of human-computer interaction and display touch screens in smart homes, and is deeply recognized by the market.

VIEWE is committed to providing GUI human-computer interaction software and hardware solutions and products based on display touch for the smart home industry, allowing cool, real-time, fast, and lightweight intelligent interaction experiences to enter thousands of industries and households.

Super Screen not only represents VIEWE’s latest technology and innovation achievements in the smart home industry, but also demonstrates the future development trends and directions of the industry. They will lead the new trend of smart life in the future and bring consumers a more intelligent, comfortable and pleasant home experience!

From smart homes to the Internet of Everything, from device innovation to ultimate core intelligence, VIEWE continues to practice the concept of “professionalism, dedication, innovation, and ambition”, and peers with the industry, continuing to innovate to empower industry progress and create value!

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